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Back to back weddings! Now it's Hannah and Ross's turn, but before they can exchange their vows, Hannah is competing on the Food Network's Dessert Challenge. She wins the hometown advantage, and the whole contest moves to Lake Eden. She and Michelle go to the restaurant where the stations are set up during their practice time and find one of the judges, a particularly nasty chef, dead. Of course Hannah feels duty bound to solve his murder, and almost dies in the process.

Hannah and her sisters fly out to Las Vegas with their mother and Doc Knight so they can elope. Doc is sick of Delores changing her mind over and over again about their wedding and just wants it done. Guess who Doc's best man is? Ross Barton, Hannah's college crush. The sparks fly hot and heavy, and before she goes back home Ross tells her he's interviewing for a job in Lake Eden that he hopes he gets so he can move there and be close to her.
AWWWW (it really was very sweet).
Hannah goes back home for the start of her vehicular manslaughter trial. Before it can get going, though, the judge is murdered. Hannah is of course a suspect, since she found the body (again, poor thing). She goes to work trying to figure out who would kill the old judge while looking forward to Ross's visit to Lake Eden.
Ross does get the job, and proposes at the airport as he's leaving town to go pack up his things in California so he can move. Geez, Ross, could you have picked a less romantic spot for a proposal?
So, Hannah is finally getting married, and it's not Norman. (Reluctantly lowers Team Norman flag). But at least it's not Mike.

Rolling right along with Hap and Leonard. "Two Bear Mambo" was a tough read, it was really dark and gritty. Leonard burns down the crack house next door for the third time, and he and Hap get hauled in to jail, even though Hap was an innocent bystander. Detective Hansen offers Hap a deal: he'll let Leonard go, if Hap will travel to Grovetown to see if he can find Florida, Hap's ex-girlfriend and Hansen's ex-fiance. They had a falling out and Florida went to Grovetown to investigate the hanging death of a young man in police custody. Grovetown is known for being particularly racist, the Klan is active, and black people are not welcome, so Hansen is worried, since he hasn't heard from Florida in awhile. Hap agrees to go and takes Leonard with him, which was probably not the brightest move. They get to Grovetown and discover it's even worse than Hansen and Charlie warned them. They find a pretty cold trail as to Florida's whereabouts, and end up getting beat within an inch of their lives when they have the audacity to show up in a cafe together in town. Yikes, this place sounds horrible. They manage to make it home, only to decide to come back when Hap finally figures out what happened to Florida, and they almost end up dying again in a huge flood. Guys. Stop pressing your luck, you aren't cats.

I checked this book out ages ago, and kept renewing it, and I finally decided to just read it. Right away I could tell I wouldn't like it, but I kept going, even though I should have just thrown in the towel. The premise sounded good: twins Adina and Tovah are each overachievers in their own way: Tovah is determined to get into Johns Hopkins and be a surgeon, Adina is a viola prodigy. Neither girl is very likable, honestly, they're both pretty obnoxious, even for teenagers. Their mother was diagnosed with Huntington's Disease four years earlier, and now that the girls are 18 they are getting tested to see if they're at risk for developing it, too. One of the girls is positive and one is negative. The positive one feels cheated and is on a path of self-destruction while the negative twin feels guilty. Even so, I found it hard to muster up any sympathy for these two brats, I honestly felt the worst for their dad.

While Hannah is picking up Lisa at the car repair shop, a violent summer storm starts. Unable to see well in the rain and lightning, she hits a tree branch, but when she and Lisa get out to investigate, they find a man, dead. Doc Knight confirms that Hannah's truck caused the deadly injuries, so even though it was an accident, Hannah is arrested and thrown in jail. Bill gave the order, so Andrea is no longer speaking to him, and Mike is suspended because he refused to do it. Howie, Hannah's lawyer, gets her out on bail and Hannah and friends go to work trying to identify the man, who is a stranger to Lake Eden residents, young and old alike. He had a distinctive diamond in one tooth, which leads Grandma Knudson to hypothesize he was a pimp. Turns out Grandma was right! Meanwhile, Delores is no closer to making any final decisions on her upcoming wedding to Doc Knight, changing her mind every other day about everything, leaving her daughters completely exasperated. And Michelle's friend Carly is worried about her long lost sister, Jennifer. She doesn't think Jennifer is really Jennifer, and asks Hannah to investigate. Girl, Hannah is out on bail and awaiting trial for vehicular manslaughter. You think she has time to investigate your issue? Well, unless the impostor is somehow related to the dead pimp...

Doctor Beverly is back in town, engaged to wealthy Roger Dalworth and flaunting herself around town. Hannah doesn't really care, so long as she doesn't try to get her dirty hooks into Norman again. Barbara Donnelly falls off the roof of the fancy new penthouse apartment Roger bought for Beverly, and while she isn't killed, she does seem to have some brain injuries that are keeping her from remembering exactly what happened on the roof. Hannah is trying to find out if she was pushed, fell, or jumped when she finds Doc Bev's dead body in the lake. It was okay. I'm glad Hannah slapped Mike towards the end, he deserved it.

Savage Season

I had to buy the first Hap and Leonard book, but that's okay, it was pretty good. Hap's ex-wife, Trudy, shows up and has a too good to be true proposition for Hap. Her current boyfriend, Howard, knows where there's a sunken boat with a million dollars hidden on it, from a bank robbery. He bunked with a guy in prison who was part of the team of robbers, and their getaway boat sank. Trudy and Howard have been trying to find the boat, but haven't had any luck. Trudy thinks Hap can help, since the boat went down in an area Hap knows pretty well from having grown up there. Hap agrees to help out for a cut of the money, but only if he can bring Leonard along, and Trudy reluctantly agrees (there is no love lost between Leonard and Trudy). There was a lot of double-crossing involved, and an epic fight at the end that left Trudy dead (which I knew from reading "Mucho Mojo", but still) and Leonard permanently disabled.

Third in the Caleb York series, the wonderful Western collaboration between the late, great Mickey Spillane and the keeper of his flame, Max Allan Collins (side note: happy 100th anniversary of Mickey Spillane's birthday the other day!). The railroad wants to build a spur of the line between Trinidad and Las Vegas (New Mexico, not Nevada) and most of the townspeople are thrilled at the idea of the railroad coming through their town, bringing new business and prosperity. Founder of the Bar-O ranch, blind George Cullen, is against the spur, since he thinks it will bring more crime and trouble and competition. His daughter, Willa, is all for it but doesn't know how to convince her father to change his mind. York is for it, but he's got more important things on his mind: a bad hombre named Preacherman is in town to compete in the poker tournament at the Victory, and York has a feeling he's been hired to kill someone. It was good and lots of fun, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I've never actually read any of Astrid Lindgren's books. My sister and I used to love watching the old Pippi Longstocking movies on TV when we were kids. I saw this new biography about Lindgren, and checked it out. It wasn't bad. It's funny to think she only wrote three Pippi Longstocking books, she wrote so many others, and yet Pippi is what she is known for. She lived a pretty unconventional life: she got pregnant at 18 by her much older, married boss and traveled to Denmark to give birth in secret, since Swedish hospitals required both parents' names on the birth certificate. She left their son, Lars, with a foster mother for a few years until she was able to go back and get him and bring him home with her. She married her next boss, who was a bit older, and had a daughter, Karin, with him. It wasn't a marriage for love but for mutual benefit: as a single mother she needed to be able to give her son a stable home, and she and her husband got along well. When he died, quite young, actually, she never considered remarrying, instead enjoying living on her own, surrounded by children and grandchildren. She passionately loved children, and had some rather radical notions about how to raise them.

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